Mountaineering T shirt Design - I don't Complain

Download this drawing for your mountaineering T-shirt in SVG format

I hold great respect for elderly trekkers and mountaineers who seem to make no fuss about anything. They've got the wisdom of a lifetime and just go along doing their thing in a silent and peaceful way.

Let's stop whining about gear being expensive and having no fellows to go outdoors with. If you work on it you'll soon have everything you need ( a bunch of quality companions included).

My suggestion for printing your trekking T-Shirt or hoodie

You can use Inkscape to edit the SVG files - change colors, add extra text, add your logo, etc.

Get out there!

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  1. Great shirt, Great design, and Great message. Now if we could all just be a little more like the men of old and stop our whining. I blame transportation and technology.


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