How To Shoot Amazing Nature and Extreme Sports DSLR Videos - Tips from Devin Graham

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Shooting video with DSLR - Canon and Follow Focus

Would you like to learn how to shoot DSLR videos from a pro?

I know I would. So let's learn together from Devin Graham - famous for his awesome nature and extreme sports videos on YouTube (watch them below).

He's gonna release tutorials and behind the scenes videos on his new YouTube channel. So subscribe and keep yourself informed about the tricks he pulls to film and edit all his videos.

You'll learn about camera settings, video gear, shooting techniques and other stuff that goes into producing a quality web video.

Devin is so good with his camera - especially when mounted on his camera stabilizer - that was contacted by veteran directors to shoot commercials for Nike and Nokia. Check out the smooth shots in the last video below.

Waimea cliff jump - the first video from Devin that caught my attention.

If you think about it, his videos do so well on YouTube because they encompass a set of low risk ingredients: super cool action in super cool locations. Add a good filmmaker who uses pro gear and there you have it: a viral video. :-)

The more exotic and unusual the action, the more views you get.

What's cool though, is that he's very open to talk about how he does the videos and also how his YouTube career is evolving. You won't see too many top YouTubers disclosing information about how it is to be a YouTube partner.

That's to be appreciated and following his teachings would definitely make us better videographers.

He's not much of a DIY guy but when one deals with big clients using pro gear is the best way to go, right?

The smoothness of his shots are granted by the Glidecam 2000 stabilizer - Glidecam being the inexpensive premium stabilizer, cheaper than the ever original Steadicam, but not as cheap as the Flycam.

Be safe  and keep your subject in focus!

Photo credit: Sam Chadwick Photography Blog

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  1. Hes my freaking Idol. I am a Utah guy (I think he is too) and I hope one day I can meet him and he can show me some cool techniques!

  2. Yup, Eric. He lives in Utah now (Provo I think). He's the guy to learn from indeed!


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