What Cameras and Editing Software Les Stroud Uses for His Survivor Man Show - Video Interview

Les Stroud Camera

If you've been wondering about the camera gear and video editing software that Les Stroud uses for his Survivor Man show then it's all Sony.

He doesn't specifically tells which camera model but he does say he loves Sony Vegas (which is a bit too expensive for my amateurish video editing).

Source: Tech Crunch

What Les wants from a camera

Being outdoors and exposed to the elements, it's important to have a camera that can handle:
  • Humidity
  • Sand and dust
  • Hot and cold weather variations (battery life as well)
  • Shocks and jolts
  • A little bit of rain (until you cover your camera)
He also mentions about the importance of having a wide angle lens to capture more of the surrounding landscape. That's why I love my GoPro HD (fish eye - 170 degrees angle) and my Sony HX9V compact cam (24 mm lens).

Flash memory allows a streamlined workflow unlike the 1:1 download ratio of tape (if you had 1 hour of footage on tape you had to wait 1 hour for the tape to wind in order to digitally capture your video).

Being a Jack of All Trades, basically doing all the work from shooting to editing, was a good school. So now if he only shoots, he knows how to capture the footage in order to be easy for the editor. Or if he edits, he knows what to look for in the raw video files.

For me, Les is a genuine man and that's what I love about his TV show: down to Earth program based on knowledge and transparency. No over dramatization like the other guy does.

Over to you

I can't say I would't like to get my hands on a DSLR like Canon 60D or the ultra applauded Canon 5D. Meanwhile though, I'll enjoy shooting short videos with my small cameras on a DIY steadicam and a DIY slider.

How about you? What cameras do you use to shoot your YouTube videos?

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